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Join the network that works today! Registration for annual membership can be done any time throughout the year and is paid in full. You can find our current fee below. Yearly Membership: 105,- Euros Register as a NEW MEMBER To register, simply fill in and submit the online Membership Form on the Global PWN platform. Please fill in the form completely as this information will be used to populate the WCN Membership Directory and the PWN profile database. Once your membership form has been approved, you will receive your ID and password to access the online, members-only community and you will be requested to make a secure on-line payment by Credit Card. If Credit Card payment is not possible for you, or for questions regarding membership, please contact the Membership Development Team.



"Friedrich Schlegel (German writer and philosopher, 1772-1829),praised “Muße” (leisure) as the “holy silence of true passivity” which allows manto “remember his whole self and contemplate the world and life. Leisure, unlike spells of laziness or boredom, offers us an island of timeduring which we can allow our thoughts to wander, to float... and it isthen that our mind is open and receptive to novel ideas and concepts.Which brings me to this issue’s topic: “Inspiration – where to find it and how to keep it.”In the current issue of our newsletter, read what our members and March GMguest speaker Ronny Holleinstein have to say about that!"

Welcome to WCN, the international career network for highly qualified professional women seeking to develop and expand their career opportunities in Austria. 

Founded in 1993, WCN is an inclusive network that promotes women in leadership and supports its members throughout their careers. WCN is an active network hosting over 40 meetings a year where its members connect to further each other’s interests. 

PWN Globalepwn

WCN is the access point to the PWN Global, a growing international cross-sectoral networking and training platform for international professional women with more than 4000 members.

Press Release - European Professional Women’s Network (EPWN) Goes Global as Mobility Rises

PWN Global benefits relocating female executives and women entrepreneurs

Vienna, 10 February 2013 – Low female participation at the recent World Economic Forum shows that gender equality in the corporate workplace remains a “work in progress.” But do the figures for women on executive boards and the debate about quotas actually paint the full picture? In a constantly changing marketplace, many women are choosing alternatives, such as entrepreneurship, to advance their careers. “A striking 35% of Professional Women’s Network Global (PWN) members are of female entrepreneurs.  This indicates that more women are pursuing paths other than the corporate ladder,” agree Meghla El Haque and Ewa Ciecierska, Co-Presidents of the PWN Vienna chapter, locally known as the Women’s Career Network (WCN).  Read More: Press Release PWN Global.

20 years WCN

WCN Mission and Values 

WCN offers a resource network, career and dialogue platform for professional women from all nations. An inclusive, positive spirit, openness, transparency and a participatory management approach forms the networks’ success.

Benefits for WCN members

• General Meetings 
Topics range from professional and personal development to current business and cross-cultural issues. The speakers are senior managers, entrepreneurs, coaches and representatives from government, institutions and NGO’s.
• Networking
Facilitated face-to-face networking, online networking around the world, special networking events.
• Career Club
Workshops to advance careers.
• Mentoring
Experienced professional women share their knowledge and know-how.

Come and join us at one of our upcoming events and become part of the network that works!

Vesna Gradt & Zaphira Rohde

Co-Presidents WCN Vienna City Network, member of the PWN Global

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